BACtrack Mobile Breath
Alcohol Monitoring

By integrating a smartphone app with a handheld breathalyzer, BACtrack allows participants to easily and discreetly submit BAC tests at any time, at any location. Video verification and GPS location information is transmitted; along with the BAC results, after each test.

Specialized Mouthpiece

BACtrack’s mouthpiece was specifically designed for the criminal justice market to minimize the risk of test manipulation by the participant. This mouthpiece is standard for BACtrack and unique to Track Group.

Easy to Use

At only 1.75 oz., BACtrack can be easily carried in a pocket or purse to enable the participant to maintain compliance. The app provides push notifications 15 minutes prior to a schedule test; then steps the participant through the simple testing process.

Random, Scheduled or Manual Tests

To customize test scheduling for participants, the BACtrack system allows officers to quickly create on-off or weekly repeated schedules that can be random, manual or scheduled.

Solves the #1 problem for agencies…..

The size and mobility of handheld breathalyzers, while enabling greater participant compliance, can also create excessive lost or stolen replacement costs. We recognize the impact these costs have on government budgets – and have designed BACtrack to enable agencies to utilize this solution without the worry of excessive replacement costs