Why we do it is just as important as how we do it.

We take a different approach to offender monitoring.

We think data is an agency’s most valuable asset, not technology.

Although we still manufacture superior tracking technology, we see the physical goods as a small part of integrated offender monitoring solutions.

Data has always been there, unseen and uncollected.

First, we were able to capture it, collect it, store it. Now, we can harness its power to change the world around us.

Big data is only getting bigger.

Data volume is set to grow 50x year-over-year between now and 2020, with mission-critical data from machines and equipment expanding as more assets are connected across operations.

Agencies can no longer afford to be anything but data-driven.

Data used to be something to maintain and manage. Now it’s a valuable asset that can reduce risk and improve outcomes.

Prioritize risk and improve decision making.

We build tools and systems specifically designed to help criminal justice agencies achieve better outcomes through the strategic use of data.