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Law Enforcement

The collection of location-based surveillance data is prevalent. GPS trackers, Call Detail Records, cellphones, license plate recognition systems, financial transaction records, squad car data (and others) produce reams of data. Yet, analysis of this data is a significant challenge as the effort required is manual and time consuming. Track Group stands alone as the only company having the capability to analyze this data and dramatically reduce the time required to arrive at the intelligence locked within.

Having Track Group perform analysis on the location data quickly enables you and your team to begin working with intelligence, and not the data itself. Within minutes of importing raw data, Investigators can be recipients of professional, consistent, and accurate reports inclusive of the most fundamental information they seek, but can also see intelligence which has been unavailable to them. Seeing beyond the most recent history of the suspect and understanding the holistic value of the data, provides a deeper level of investigative value and assists in achieving departmental Intelligence led policing mandates.

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