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As the world’s most advanced location analysis tool, our integrated data analysis software provides a quick, accurate view of your target’s travel behavior, allowing you to produce detailed analysis that provides rapid answers to key questions. The net result of instantly knowing these answers allows for more precise investigative activity and mission planning.

We make this process quick and painless allowing you to easily manage frequent data updates from the field — enabling you to get an expanded view into your target’s behavior and patterns.

Increase safety, reduce crime and enhance quality of life for the communities you serve.


TrackerPAL™ is a secure, web-based application that receives, records and stores all data transmitted from ReliAlert™ and Beacon™ devices; and is where offender data is input, modified and stored.  This robust system is accessible 24/7/365 from any computer with a high-speed internet connection and allows authorized users to effectively and efficiently manage their caseload; without the cost or time required to install third-party software.

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iPhone App Now Available!

TrackerPAL™ Mobile

Mobile App for Tablets and Smart Phones

Track Group’s Mobile App is a fully-featured application that provides real time and historical offender location viewing, allows for the execution of key TrackerPAL™ software functions, and also has additional distinct functionality, only applicable to mobile devices.

TrackerPAL Mobile provides users the same powerful, real-time and historical insights while on the road, that they rely on while in their offices.

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