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Introducing SHADOW™

The world’s smallest, lightest, and most precise 3G offender tracking device

Driven by customer demand to improve the performance and affordability of offender tracking devices, SHADOW™ is the smallest and lightest device of its kind with a sleek, modern design featuring an enhanced mobile charging capability that makes it easier to use. The device is 3G compliant and fully supported by all global mobility providers.

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One-Piece GPS Offender Monitoring Device

ReliAlert™XC3 sets the standard for reliability and perfomance in the offender monitoring industry. Advanced features enable agencies to effectively track offender movements and communicate directly with offenders via on-board two/three-way voice communication technology, all in real-time. ReliAlert™XC3 acts as a “force multiplier,” providing officers with extra eyes, ears and voice in the monitoring of offenders – increasing productivity and offering peace of mind.


ReliAlert™ Features

  • Two/Three-Way Voice Communication that allows Track Group operators and agency officers to call the offender via the ReliAlert™XC3 device at any time.
  • Onboard 95-db Siren is a unique feature on the device that can be activated by the Track Group Monitoring Center as part of a violation protocol.
  • SecureCuff™ is an optional, patented, hardened steel encased security cuff for high-risk offenders.

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The award-winning BACtrack Mobile Pro integrates a smartphone app and police-grade breathalyzer to bring blood-alcohol content (BAC) wirelessly to your device. Features Bluetooth connectivity, innovative tracking, video verification, and violation alerts.

Core Features

  • 24-hour, any-location, alcohol testing
  • Real time reporting to interested parties via secure web portal
  • Text and e-mail notification
  • 96 hour battery life
  • Xtend® Fuel Cell Sensor
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – iPhone or Android
  • Compatible with most devices

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